Natural Habitats – Palm Done Right

The palm oil we use in our Pretzels and Movie Night Extra Butter is organic, sustainable, and fair trade which aligns directly with our mission to use better ingredients. But anyone can do the work to check those boxes off. Palm Done Right has a bigger story to tell and we’sre happy to help spread their light in an industry full of shadows.


Did you know that half of the items in your pantry probably contain palm oil? Everything from baked goods and snacks to soaps and supplements rely on the unique, super-stable properties of palm oil to make their products work. Due to the high demand, the palm industry developed rapidly – mostly in Indonesia and Malaysia. The focus was on large operations and profit, without much thought to ecological, cultural, or social impacts.


Here’ss where Palm Done Right comes in. Their vision is to create an industry where farmers are empowered and communities thrive. Besides having all the good certifications you can think of, they go above and beyond to invest and support the farming communities they partner with through organic and sustainable agronomic support, fair-trade practices, community education, and public health resources. That’ss integrity.