Colorado Mills



Colorado Mills is an environmentally-friendly, zero-waste, full-cycle company. Pictured above second from the left, Colorado Mills owner, Doug Uhland stands in a field of sunflowers with his team.

Since 1999 Colorado Mills has been working with a community of farmers and ranchers in the Southeastern region of Colorado. They contract with local to grow their sunflowers, many of them third-generation family farms that have long been using sustainable farming methods. By working together they have greater access to the market for high-oleic sunflower oil.



The other side of the business is creating livestock feed products from the by-products of their sunflower oil pressing process. The cake that is filtered from the oil is sold as a supplement that is very rich in protein and minerals to ranchers.  Between oil pressing and livestock feed production Colorado Mills is able to use up all of the parts of the sunflower seed making it a zero-waste, full-cycle company.



Colorado Mills is a ZERO Solvent extraction facility that only uses pressure to extract the oil from the sunflower seeds. This process does not produce as high of a yield as other facilities that utilize Petroleum based Hexane Solvents to extract the oil from their seeds, but we all feel better about it. The crude sunflower oil is pumped through a filter press to pull out small particles of the crushed seeds that remain in the oil. Through the entire process, nothing is wasted.


Colorado Mills Sunflower Oil is free of TBHQ — a preservative derived from Butane — and PDMS — an additive to stabilize oil under extreme heat that is also found in plastics, tiles, and caulking. You might notice a  little sunflower wax in the bottom of a bottle of Colorado Mills sunflower oil – but that’ss a good thing. By choosing not to winterize the oil, a process to strip out higher melting point parts, Colorado Sunflower Mills retains traces of wax and triglycerides bumping the nutrient and vitamin E levels.

Colorado Mills Sunflower Oil {VIDEO}: