Preferred Popcorn




Preferred Popcorn is just outside of Chapman Nebraska, and home to about 298 people. Norm employs 40 folks from Chapman and the surrounding towns. He began raising popcorn in 1978, on the same land he grew up on, and where his father raised popcorn for 45 years, back in the mid 1940’ss.

In 1998, Norm fulfilled a dream that he and his father shared, of not only producing popcorn, but taking it a step further to process and package their corn. They now work with over 100 family owned farms in 8 different states.

Norm works with all of the farm owners to determine which variety has the best characteristics for his customers. Like wine, good tasting popcorn is critical to the land in which it grows on. Genetics, humidity, stress are all part of a great make up. Indiana has very favorable type of growing conditions, and is where most of Quinn’ss Farm-to-Bag corn comes from!