We know you might have some questions about our products, and we hope you will find the following information useful. If you have a question that is not answered here, please CONNECT with us via email. We’ll get right back to you!

Product Questions


Q: Are any of your products vegan?

A: Yes! Our Just Sea Salt microwave popcorn, Maple Kettle microwave popcorn, Pop at Home Kernels, Deli Rye Style Rods, Classic Sea Salt Twists, Classic Sea Salt Sticks, Peanut Butter filled Nuggets, and Dark Chocolate’y Peanut filled Nuggets are all vegan.


Q: What allergens have risk for cross contamination in your pretzels?

A: We produce our pretzels in multiple locations around the country. Depending on the bag you purchase, the facility they were manufactured in may have peanuts, wheat, and/or soy. Please read the allergen statement on the back of the bag for accurate information regarding allergens.

Q: How do you ensure your pretzels products are Gluten Free?

A: We test all of our pretzels for gluten with an independent third-party lab. They have always tested less than 10 parts per million (ppm)/undetected.

Q: Would you please provide more information on the allergen statement on your pretzel bags? How can the pretzels be made on shared equipment with wheat and peanuts?

A: Our products are manufactured in a SQF certified facility. This means they follow incredibly stringent food safety practices. These practices include thorough cleaning and regular testing.

The equipment is sanitized between production runs to prevent any cross contamination. The entire production line, from mixing to packaging, is extensively cleaned. The process takes a full team of workers 36 hours to complete. Gluten Free status is then validated by swabbing contact areas on the line and testing them for gluten/gliadin proteins. If anything fails, it is cleaned again and re-tested. Our standard is <5ppm gluten & <2.5ppm gliadin, which is actually twice as strict as the GFCO standard associated with the Certified Gluten Free logo. We have never had any product or any batch test positive for gluten since we began production at the plant.

In addition, we test every batch of pretzels manufactured on this line with a 3rd party laboratory for gluten. They have always tested less than 10 parts per million (ppm)/undetected. The FDA requires products to contain less than 20 ppm to claim “Gluten Free” on a label. The NFCA (National Foundation for Celiac Awareness) requires 10 ppm to consider a product “Gluten Free”.  

The shared equipment statement we make is a voluntary statement and we state all potential allergens because we feel that’s the right thing to do. We are not obligated by the FDA or by GFCO to tell our consumers that there are products containing wheat manufactured on the same line, and there are many GFCO Certified products in the market that do not make this same commitment to their customers. Many products that are gluten free and/or gluten free certified use shared equipment, but unfortunately do not state it.

Q: Why does the color of my pretzel vary from bag to bag?

A: We make batches of pretzels, and sometimes the manufacturing process results in some color variations. Baking time and ingredients are just a few things that might have an effect on the color.

Q: I’m not happy with the flavor of my pretzels. What can I do?

A: We’re sorry you’re not enjoying our delicious pretzels as much as we are. We recently changed our manufacturer and our recipe. You might be noticing the difference in the new pretzel recipe and we appreciate your feedback on this change. We do take all of this feedback into consideration when changing recipes in the hopes to create a pretzel that everyone loves! Please email us on the CONNECT page of our web site, with the Best By and Batch information located in the top corner of the bag. We would be happy to send you a coupon for another one of our delicious products.

Q: Where does the vitamin E in your pretzels come from?

A: The Vitamin E in our pretzels is extracted from sunflower seeds. Please visit our Farm-to-Bag page for more information.

Q: Where does the rock salt used in your pretzels come from?

A: Rock pretzel salt is a selected screening of crushed southern rock salt taken from a dome deposit. It is carefully selected for food grade purity and uniform white color. There are no additives. Please visit our Farm-to-Bag page for more information.

Q: Where does the sea salt used in your pretzels come from?

A: Our sea salt is simply evaporated salt water which is then optically cleaned.  There are no additives and no iodine is added. Please visit our Farm-to-Bag page for more information.

Q: Where is your xanthan gum in your pretzels derived from?

A: Our xanthan gum is made through the fermentation of non-GMO soy flour and sugar. In fermentation the soy is completely eaten up, leaving us with a gluten free, soy free binder that helps make our pretzel dough workable. Please visit our Farm-to-Bag page for more information.

Microwave Popcorn

Q: What allergens have risk for cross contamination in your popcorn?

A: Our popcorn is manufactured in a facility on shared equipment with dairy, wheat, soy, tree nut, fish, egg, and peanut products.

Q: My microwave popcorn didn’t pop very much. What do I do?

A: We are sorry to hear that your popping didn’t go well. We know that can be disappointing! It sounds like your microwave might not be a good match for Quinn Popcorn. Typically smaller or older microwaves don’t do as good of a job of popping as newer and higher power units. If it is taking more than 3 minutes, chances are your microwave and our popcorn just don’t get along. It’s not common, but it does happen. In this case it will be tricky to get a good yield without burning.

That said, here are a few tips to get the best result possible:

  • Do it all in one go. Good popping is all about momentum, and stopping and starting will dry out your kernels, making them unpoppable.
  • Don’t use your microwave’s “popcorn” button. Some of them work well, but others leave you with too many duds.
  • Placing the bag inside the microwave on top of an upside down microwaveable plate improves popping in some microwaves, especially combination microwave/convection ovens.
  • Once you get a good pop write the time down on the box tab so you don’t have to do the careful listening routine again!

Now, the reason why our popcorn doesn’t get along with some microwaves. Other microwave popcorn bags contain a patch of metalized plastic foil called a susceptor. In some cases it helps popping, but we just don’t feel good about very hot plastic next to our food. Removing the susceptor was a tradeoff, but it was the only way for us.

We would love to get a few more details from you about this. This will help us investigate your issue further. If you can send us Best By and Batch information found on the bottom of the carton via the CONNECT page, we would be happy to send you some coupons!

Q: My microwave popcorn didn’t have any flavor!

A: We are sorry to hear that your popcorn lacked flavor! Let’s see if we can figure out what happened with this….

We do things a little differently here at Quinn when it comes to microwave popcorn. The bag that you pop ONLY contains corn; there are no artificial ingredients/fake butter included in the bag like with other brands. After the bag is popped, each box comes with 2 additional seasoning pouches that should be applied to the popped corn; the 1st pouch contains oil and should be drizzled on top, while the 2nd pouch contains the delicious flavor that you purchased.


Q: Are your boxes / bags recyclable?

A: Yes! Our popcorn boxes are recyclable and the microwave Pure Pop Bags are compostable. Even traditionally non-recyclable items (I’m looking at you cellophane) including the ingredient pouches and pretzel bags can be recycled through our partnership with TerraCycle! Just visit their website here to request your bag!

Q: Why do you use a plastic wrapper around the microwave popcorn bag?

A: The plastic wrapper is 100% necessary in order to ensure that the popcorn actually pops in the microwave. Popcorn needs a precise water content in order to pop, between 12.5 and 14% water, and the plastic serves as a barrier to “lock” that water into place. Without the plastic the corn would get too wet or too dry in a very short amount of time, and consumers would get a bag full of duds. We’ve looked for more sustainable ways to package this, but sadly none have proven to be effective for our needs. If we do find something that works, this will certainly be something that we pursue!

Q: My microwave popcorn was missing flavor and/or oil pouches. What do I do?

A: We are so sorry about this happening! The boxes are packed by hand and while very rare, incorrect or missing packets happen occasionally. Please fill out the information on the CONNECT page, and we will send a free box coupon ASAP!

Collaborations / Social Media Inquiries

Q: How do I get in touch for social media collaborations?

A: Email [email protected] or CONNECT to inquire about collaborations!

Wholesale / Purchasing Inquiries

Q: Where can I buy Quinn Snacks?

A: You can purchase our products on Amazon, or if you’d rather brave the crowds and go to the grocery store, check out our store locator for an up to date map!

Q: I own a store and would like to sell Quinn products, how can I do that?

A: Wholesale product can be acquired through our national distributors, UNFI or KeHe. Please CONNECT  to inquire more!

Q: How do I purchase your product if I live in Canada/ outside the US?

A: First, we are so happy you’ve heard of Quinn internationally! Right now we don’t ship product outside the US but keep an eye out in the future!

Q: Do you sell just the seasoning separate from the kernels?

A: If you’re like a lot of us and can’t get enough of our popcorn flavorings, you probably want to know if you can get a big bag of butter powder to spoon over EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, we don’t sell the seasoning separate from the popcorn.