Well, There It Is

We finally found it. There had to be a mistake somewhere on our packaging. Now we know there is at … read more

Pallets of Popcorn

We received our first big shipment a few days ago. All throughout the last year we have eagerly met the … read more

In Search of Space

The next big step for us is packing up the boxes. We are doing it ourselves which will be a … read more

I Passed!

( Coulter is obsessed with fireworks, he took the above photo a few years ago when we were in MT.)… read more

Popcorn Bag Susceptor

We have said the word susceptor roughly 10,000 times in the past year, and finally I am going to explain … read more

Food Safety Test

In order for us to package our popcorn boxes in a shared kitchen I need to take the ServSafe Food … read more

Hot Off the Press


I spent this morning at our box manufacturer in Connecticut. They gave me the full tour, which, for a … read more