The Summer Crew

This summer is going to rock. Literally. I know the blog has been quiet for a while, but we have … read more

Just Cheese Please

Quinn’ss favorite food right now is cheese.  In the morning, “cheese pwease”, afternoon, “moe cheese”, evening, “cheese!”… read more

Packing Past Dusk

I haven’st packed a single Quinn Popcorn box in weeks. We have hired a small army of packers to assemble, … read more

QP’ss Newest Addition

When searching for warehouse/office spaces I forgot one thing, a loading dock.  Well, I didn’st actually forget it, I just … read more

The State of QP

It’ss been too long since we gave a overall update, so here goes. Last week we packed and shipped the … read more


We try to avoid too much discussion on the bad aspects of typical microwave popcorn. It’ss just negative, and I’sm … read more