Burn Rate

That’ss a screen shot from our Mint.com account. (If you haven’st tried mint.com go do it!) As you can see, … read more

First Bags in Hand

A few of our first bags arrived yesterday via UPS overnight.  Really this shouldn’st be a big deal.  I mean, … read more

Package Design Wrap Up

I posted the box dieline yesterday, but it’ss impossible to get a feel for the package from that.  This post … read more

Graphic Design Iron Man

Yup, that’ss it.  That’ss the final dieline.  This (and the two other flavors) will go to the box manufacturer tomorrow, … read more

Organic Red Tape

As I was checking over my list of requirements this afternoon, making sure we are doing everything by the book, … read more

Logistical Fun

Well, we knew things were going to come up closer to our deadline, but I kinda hoped that they would … read more