Setting Our Course

Something I am asked a lot is, “How did you start this?” I think the assumption is that there is … read more

Courting Buyers

We have packed up about half of our initial run. A lot of that is going to the Kickstarter backers … read more

Well, There It Is

We finally found it. There had to be a mistake somewhere on our packaging. Now we know there is at … read more

Still Packin’s

We have been a little quite on the blog front for a few days. Essentially, if you don’st see a … read more

Our Common Pitch

A few weeks ago, while we were high off our Kickstarter progress, we decided to take a chance and submit … read more

Packing Popcorn

We started packing boxes three days ago. I have to say it feels pretty incredible to see all those boxes … read more