A guide (in gifs) to help you get through sheltering in place

A few daily guidelines…in gifs of course…to help you navigate your way through sheltering in place.

1.Wake up
I know you want to sleep in, but unless you NEED it, get up!
Try and keep this consistent, it will help with your sleep schedule.



2. Get dressed
If you’re starring in ’50 Shades of Grey Sweatpants’ right now, try switching it up from time to time. It might give you and added boost of motivation. We have a goal in our house, try to be dressed by noon and we can be back in our pjs at 4pm. 🤣



3. Pep Talk

Life is bit wonky right now but you can do this! 


4. Limit Caffeine Intake

Realizing this is the time you need it the most, but cut back. Try one cup a day. Ok, ok, two tops.



 5. Eat healthy, regular meals.

You just bought 3 weeks worth of food, now what? No one said you need to social distance from your refrigerator. Here are some amazing resources to cook for your your family!

Weelicious, Smitten Kitchen, Minimalist Baker, 101 Cookbooks Half Baked Harvest are a few our go-tos for family friendly, healthy meals.



6. Smile, Laugh, Sing, Be Kind, Be Joyful. 

Negativity is Nacho business! Positivity needs you right now! You got this! 



7. Be Grateful.

There is so much to be grateful for. Think of five things each day. Today, we’re grateful for having all the ingredients to make a sheet cake for an impromptu half birthday celebration.


7. Spend some time outside (if you can)

Sorry Russ! Wally World is most definitely closed right now. But try to go for a walk, sit in the backyard or balcony, open the window and listen to the birds. Whatever it is, get some fresh air!  


8. Find time to Exercise

Break out the sweatbands and spandex! Even if it’s 10-15 minutes a day, do something active.

Jump-rope with your kids, dance, run up and down stairs, or channel your Aunt Cheryl’s 1988 Jazzercise routine she would make you do on Thanksgiving morning. Just move! For your sanity!  


8. Listen to Music

The Quinn team made you a sweet, upbeat playlist, here.


9. Limit your news/media intake.

Too much news can be a real drag.  Get what you need to stay informed and then take a break and turn on Anchorman.


10. Family time

Make the best of time with family. Be patient. Be kind. Watch lots of movies with popcorn, play games, do puzzles, build forts! Maybe save the moped excursions for another day, though.


11. Connect

Human connection is what we need right now. Apparently Zoom cocktail hour is a thing these days. Spend time catching up with the ones you love the most. Call your mom or your BFF. Everyone needs a hug through the telephone right now.  

Take things day by day. That’s the best we can do, right?

Lots of love,