California Olive Ranch

Since launching last year, we are so excited to see Farm-to-Bag Popcorn become a household go-to. We love the opportunity to talk to folks about our focus on ingredients. From healthy oils to non-GMO and transparency; we really do think food should be simple, honest, transparent, and convenient.

The backbone of Farm-to-Bag is awesome ingredients and strong grower partnerships. Our California Olive Oil popcorn made with California Olive Ranch extra-virgin olive oil couldn’st be a better demonstration of this.

Harvest time at California Olive Ranch

California Olive Ranch, located in Northern California, has a climate like Spain and northern Tuscany (aka perfect for olive growing). Here they rely on time honored family traditions alongside sustainable innovations. At harvest time (a 45 day window) the short bushy trees are harvested quickly and carefully. Within in just a couple of hours of being picked, the olives are milled to maintain the fullest possible flavor. Liquid perfection from just a couple states away.

Knowing exactly where our ingredients are from and how they are grown is always important. With all the substandard extra-virgin olive oil floating around, we think extra-vigilance is necessary. We feel good about working with California Olive Ranch, not only because they’sre so close, but also because their oil is superb. They have won over 50 awards just in the last 10 years.

We use their extra-virgin Arbequina variety known for its fresh, fruity flavor with hints of tropical fruit and artichoke. Paired with our air-popped yellow butterfly kernels and a touch of sea salt, it adds a full, rich olive flavor. A super tasty, yet light snack.