Popcorn & Beer

We’sve always enjoyed beer with popcorn and we know we aren’st the only ones. So we decided to take some time to really dig into the phenomenon. In other words, we stayed a little late Friday night, popped up some popcorn, and invited our friends from Sanitas Brewing Co. over to hang out. Pretty important stuff.

Sanitas is a Boulder brewery that started up about a year ago. They happen to be down the road from our warehouse which has made for easy and much welcome trades. This past Friday they brought over two styles of beers and we popped up a bunch of popcorn. This is what we learned…



Beer and popcorn ‘sgo great together – no big surprises there – but if you put a little forethought into your selections they can make each other even better (like any good relationship). We found that the light sweetness of the Saison was well balanced with the salty, savory Parmesan & Rosemary, and that the pine and dank hoppy-ness of the Black IPA went well with the smoky, cheesy flavors of our Hickory Smoked Cheddar’s and our rich, spicy Cheddar & Chipotle’s. The sweet maple flavor of our Vermont Maple & Sea Salt complimented the?bitter qualities in both beers.

Our friend (and Sanitas co-founder) Zach?, gave us a few tips when pairing beer with popcorn or any food.

1. Pairing contrasting flavors can sometimes create even better ones. For example, a hoppy and bitter IPA sipped with some savory, rich popcorn can help balance both flavors.

2. Don’st overpower. The intensity and strength of the flavors in the beer should be as strong as the flavors in the food, and vice versa. An Imperial IPA is better suited to a strong bleu cheese than to a mild muenster, and a spicy Thai Curry dish will overpower the delicate flavors of a Blonde Ale.

3. Know what you like, and trust your own taste buds!


Our favorites parings were the Parmesan & Rosemary with the Saison and the Hickory Smoked Cheddar with the Black IPA. Go crazy and try your favorite local brew with Quinn Popcorn. Let us know what you discover – we’sre all ears!

– Dakota-Rae