Lemon is Moving On

Sometimes life gives you lemons. If you loved our Lemon & Sea Salt popcorn, then sometimes is today.

Lemon was one of our first flavors and a favorite of many here at Quinn. Our special, additive free, dried lemon is no longer available and Lemon & Sea Salt is going the way of Old Yeller, Mufasa, Bambi’ss Mom’syou get the idea. It’ss an untimely end to a terrific flavor.

Lemon & Sea Salt was created in Kristy’ss home kitchen when Quinn Popcorn was more vision than reality. In our taste tests, Lemon beat out Peanut Butter and became one of the three flavors that launched the company. From day one, Lemon was a polarizing flavor. Those who love it, REALLY love it. Most didn’st know what to expect and needed a push give it a try.

The thing is, Lemon almost didn’st happen at all. When Kristy really started digging in, it turned out that the dried lemon we wanted to use contained maltodextrin (a corn based and often GMO additive). Then, it turned out that all dried lemon was mostly maltodextrin. After a great deal of searching and coercing, Kristy convinced the only facility with the right equipment to freeze dry lemons without adding anything else, no base, no binder, no flow agen, nothing! It was a major victory, but also the vulnerability that eventually caught up to Lemon.

As our lemon supply dwindled, our sole source changed their business. With no supply of dried lemon, and the fact that it was a tough flavor to get people to try, Lemon was left high and dry.


BUT, Lemon is going out with a bang! We are auctioning off the last 12 boxes for Charity. All of the proceeds go to the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. This is your chance to get the last Quinn Lemon & Sea Salt popcorn on planet earth while helping out an incredible charity at the same time.

Go HERE to visit the auction and see the current high bid. To place a bid simply email us at [email protected] with the subject: ‘sLEMON AUCTION ‘s MY BID IS $XX’s

Highest bidder wins 6 boxes of Lemon & Sea Salt popcorn.

The auction starts Tuesday?9/29/2014? and ends 10/1/2014 at 9:00 am EST.

100% of the winning bid goes to The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. Learn about this great organization HERE.