Quinn, Now Ready to Eat!

A little over two years ago we launched Quinn Popcorn by reinventing microwave popcorn. At the time, fixing microwave popcorn was the whole mission. The thing is, as our microwave popcorn gained traction we started to see that there’ss a lot more work to be done. Now, I present our pre-popped popcorn, the first snack to offer a completely transparent supply chain.

Microwave popcorn is an occasion snack. It’ss almost like a bottle of wine in that you don’st pop it unless you plan on finishing it. I love that. It means that our popcorn is usually shared with friends and family. Pre-popped is different. It’ss just so easy and convenient that it’ss an anytime snack. You can grab a few bags before a road trip, not something that’ss going to pan out for our microwave popcorn.

We are kicking off pre-popped with two flavors. The Kale & Sea Salt flavor is a superfood that even our 3 year old (Quinn) loves. It starts with Midwest grown popcorn that is dusted with organic curly kale, and organic carrot for a little sweetness. The Cheddar & Chipotle flavor is made with organic cheddar cheese from Kentucky and a variety of dried and smoked peppers. It’ss light and cheesy with a little heat, and it’ss basically replaced lunch at our warehouse. Both are non-GMO Project Certified and Certified Gluten Free.

So it’ss delicious popcorn, but that’ss not going to change the industry. That’ss where Farm-to-Bag comes in. With the batch number printed on every bag you can trace every ingredient we use. Complete transparency. This has never been done in snacks before. For me, knowing where your food comes from is fundamental. Farm-to-bag sends a clear message to other snack companies; if you have nothing to hide, then start opening up. We are going to dig into Farm-to-Bag in another post. You can probably tell that I’sm pretty excited about it!

I hope you all enjoy our new pre-popped popcorn as much as I do!

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