A New Home

Kristy and I arrived in Boston five years ago to an apartment rented sight unseen. We drove 18 hours to get there with our dog Colby watching the changing landscape in the back seat. A dream job brought us there, and now pursuing our dream of owning our own company is sending us to a new home 2,000 miles away.

Making a change this big is, well, just scary. It would have been so easy to just continue. We loved Boston but we felt a draw and, as usual, we followed our gut. Crossing the threshold happened in the same way that we started Quinn Popcorn; by lying to ourselves a little. We put our home on the market, assuring each other that it would take months to sell. A week later it was sold and we had 4 weeks to get out.

This kicked off an insane two months. On top of Quinn (the startup food company) and Quinn (the 3 year old boy), there was newborn Nash, and now we were moving it all across the country. Sleep was nonexistent, it wasn’st always nice or pretty (see above photo), but now we are on the other side and it’ss wonderful.

The other side is Boulder Colorado. Boulder had been tugging at us, pulling us in, for a few years. It’ss the perfect place for a startup food company. This is the epicenter of the natural food startup world. Beyond the established national brands that have come from Boulder (Celestial Seasonings, Justin’ss, EVOL, Boulder Chips, Izze, Udi’ss, Rudi’ss Bakery, Madhava, and others) there’ss an active community of young companies like Quinn. Most of our food network was already here, and now we are part of a like-minded and like-missioned community. I can’st overstress how important that is.

The one essential piece that made this move possible was that our team was on board. We’sd been talking about it for over a year and slowly letting the idea take root. Our new warehouse is on the other side of the country, but it’ss full of the same people. That’ss just incredible.

This move is a major milestone for Quinn Popcorn. We are invigorated, pushing to change the food industry and pushing to make Quinn a household name. There’ss a long way to go.