Quinn Goes Classic

A year ago we scoffed at the idea of making a butter microwave popcorn. To us, butter popcorn was squarely against everything we stood for. We were asked all the time, but we literally laughed at the idea. We were pretty confident and, as it turned out, really really wrong.

What was our issue with butter microwave popcorn? It’ss a classic flavor that we all grew up with, but it doesn’st quite taste like butter. Humm. Well, it’ss not butter. Whenever the word ‘sflavoring’s pops up in an ingredient label you should be wary, and all microwave popcorn uses ‘sbutter flavoring’s. That ‘sflavoring’s used to always mean?diacetyl until it was noted that microwave popcorn factory workers were all coming down with chronic lung issues. It turned out that diacetyl causes irreversible and life threatening lung damage. It wasn’st just the factory workers. A customer, Wayne Watson from Denver, was awarded seven million dollars when his daily popcorn fix netted him the lung condition now called popcorn lung. You really can’st make this stuff up.

We have every kind of dried cheese imaginable at our warehouse. It’ss been an obsession of Kristy’ss, and we’sve even made goat cheese powder from scratch. That one didn’st turn out. ?A little while back we found a jar of dried butter among the cheeses. It smelled really great, so we popped up a bag and gave it a try. Holy S#*t. This is what butter popcorn is supposed to taste like.

In that instant we were converts. We had to make a butter popcorn. A few months later it was ready to go. Now we are the only microwave popcorn to use real butter and no ‘sbutter flavoring’s. I wish we had done this earlier.?The flavor that we once arrogantly laughed off has become the office favorite. We’sve needed to be stubborn to get this far, but sometimes it can also hold us back.