Hickory Smoked Cheddar + Olive Oil & Herbs

We are ready to release our first new flavors since we started Quinn Popcorn! We have a super scientific methodology for creating new flavors. We try everything we (and you) can think of. Some are just okay. Other’ss become staples at QP warehouse. That’ss pretty much it.

A big part of the year we spent getting Quinn Popcorn off the ground was spent testing flavors. We were so sure peanut butter & honey was going to be great, but it never got there. That happened a lot. Parmesan & Rosemary, Vermont Maple & Sea Salt, and Lemon & Sea Salt are awesome. If they sucked we wouldn’st still be here. They are still staples at QP HQ. We’sve eaten an unnatural amount of Parmesan & Rosemary popcorn.

Our newest flavors came about in the same informal what-sticks-around matter.

Hickory Smoked Cheddar started out when Kristy had our cheese smoker smoke, um, everything. We smoked cheddar, colby, gouda, cayenne, sea salt, buckwheat (seriously), and paprika. The paprika literally made the whole office smell like a campfire when we opened it up. Just a little mixed with cheddar made the most incredible popcorn. It’ss smoky, smooth, and definitely our most rich popcorn yet.

Olive Oil & Herbs was a little more methodical. We knew we wanted an olive oil popcorn; it’ss something we grew up with. Kristy set out to find the best US grown and milled olive oil. (It turns out a lot of Italian olive oil isn’st, er, olive oil). We were blown away by California Olive Ranch’ss oil. It’ss off the charts fresh and fragrant. The right herb balance took a few tries, but we landed with popcorn that’ss full of flavor, but still leaves you feeling light after polishing off a bag.

So now that moment of truce. We love the new flavors, but soon we will start hearing what you think. Hopefully our taste buds think alike!