The New York Office

The Nets, The Islanders, Quinn Popcorn???

Well, it’ss not exactly complete franchise relocation, but we do have a desk in Brooklyn now, which we all find pretty freaking cool!

A couple of things came together to make this happen. First off, one of our friends and heroes, Little Duck Organics, took the plunge and relocated from Newburyport, MA to Brooklyn, NY last spring. Second, I, Kevin, the corn slinger and apparently obsessive user of commas, was offered an opportunity to get involved with Rattlestick Educates, a wing of Rattlestick Playwrights Theater in Manhattan. Third, Zak, along with Adina & Adam of the amazing Sprout Organic Skincare, offered us a desk in their new office on the fifth floor of an old warehouse in the Greenpoint neighborhood with this view:


We couldn’st say no.
So now, when I’sm in New York, I’sm working out of here. Jealous?

Views aside, it’ss an amazing resource to be in an office with other young companies. Every day underscores the importance of knowledge sharing and the amount of pitfalls we are able to avoid just by yelling questions back and forth across the office has been ridiculous. Well, it’ss pretty much been me asking the questions, but you get the point. As small companies trying to do things the right way, as corny as it may sound, we truly are in this together.

Zak, Adina & Adam have this vision to get a bigger space, add more companies, and really develop this whole philosophy of knowledge-sharing and partnership that a whole slew of young companies, or reps from young companies, can take part in and work out of. It’ss a vision I see coming together every day I go to work at the New York office and one that QP is so fortunate to, even in a small way, be a part of.