Pulling It Together

These are our first business cards. Yup, it only took us 20 months. At first I would give an “I’sm a naive entrepreneur” smile when asked for my card. It was kinda funny in a pathetically hopeless kind of way. Later I just started saying that I was so sorry, but I had left them at home. It was getting embarrassing that we didn’st have enough time to fit in making a few business cards. While the business card is a symbolic win for me, we are just getting beyond stomping out fires and doing some really fun stuff.


First up, the farmers markets are a blast. We were not sure if it was going to be a good fit because, well, you know, we don’st sell ready to eat food! We were wrong. We meet tons of awesome people, stuff ourselves with great food, and sell a bunch of popcorn in the process. We have done a few gigantic events, and we end up handing out thousands of samples but never (really never) get someone to look us in eye.  At farmers markets we get to talk to people, get great feedback, and the sales cover most of our costs. Return customers are the best part.



Second, we are pulling together our HQ. If you read back far enough you will see pictures of the tiny 200 sq ft space we started in 10 months ago. We moved to our new Woburn warehouse a few months ago and have been slowly working our way into all of the available space. It’ss pretty open right now, but it’ss going to get all clown car again when Batch 5 comes in. Most importantly, we are starting to make it a decently comfortable place to work. For months our desks were 10 feet from the packing line. I learned that sharing music works for groups smaller than 6 people. After that it can get messy.



Looking forward, the calendar is packed for the whole summer with events in Boston and NYC. The events are fun and the vibe at HQ is good, but it’ss also crunch time and everyone is feeling it. We have had an awesome start, but now we need to show that we can be a real food company; a company offers a product that is broadly available and is selling enough of it to actually make a little profit. Those two things are ways off, but we are working on it!  That reminds me, if you have any suggested stores send them along or leave a comment on this post. We reach out to every one that you guys recommend!