The Summer Crew

This summer is going to rock. Literally. I know the blog has been quiet for a while, but we have been busy planning the next few months. We are doing tons of events and we have a crew of interns coming on board. It’ss going to be a blast.

We are kicking it off this weekend, May 19th, at Earth Fest in Boston, 10am-6pm. The line-up is pretty insane:


Eve 6

Spin Doctors

Third Eye Blind


I am probably going to invest in a pair of these…..hearing protection headphones.  (Pretty cool eh? I am secretly such a dork.)


Whole Foods is one of the sponsors of the event, and KINDLY invited us to participate under their local/green mission tent this year. They continue to be the most amazing supporters of Quinn Popcorn. Apparently we are near the family kids section of the event, which works out really well!! We will be popping non-stop until we run out. I seriously can’st wait. Coulter and I tried to attend Earth Fest on multiple occasions, and kept missing it. Now we are actually going to be demoing there! Very surreal.


Two weeks ago we had our first big event at the Wake Up the Earth in Jamaica Plain. Despite a rainy/semi gloomy day, the outcome was fantastic. Kevin, C.V., Coulter and I took turns demoing and selling QP under our own tent, and then guest demoed in the City Feed tent as well. Non-stop sampling, and fun, as you can tell in the photo above.


QP’ss Summer Line-Up!

SOWA:10am-4pm every Sunday from now until October 28th. It’ss located in the South End in Boston. The food truck scene is UNREAL, and the last two weekends we sold out and had to pack up a bit early. If you haven’st yet been to this open market, go, it’ss awesome, and you seriously won’st be disappointed!


Rosindale Farmer’ss Market: 9am-1pm every other Saturday from June 2nd until October 27th. I haven’st yet been to this one, but hear it’ss a great farmer’ss market!


Milldman Nursery School: Ducky Race & Fair June 2nd 10am-1pm in Concord, MA. Fair, popcorn, animals, apparently a ducky race. We can’st wait!


Festival Fete: June 9th 1:30pm-5pm down in Cranston RI. (we will be joining the Cranston Whole Foods with this one!)


Children’ss Hospital Walk: June 10th in Boston. This is the one I am really looking forward to. It’ss also 7 miles, and as pathetic as this sounds, I don’st think I have ever walked 7 miles in one go, so I am up for the very small challenge. If you want to join us, please do, we would love to have you! If you can’st, and would like to donate, please do so!  Any amount would be greatly appreciated and it’ss going to a VERY good cause. ( I normally don’st do this, but I am trying to raise $1k, and I am not quite there…) You can check out my page here!


We are still scheduled to attend the Cambridge/Charles Square Farmer’ss Market this summer, but the market had a bit of a snafu when Harvard University told them the vendors couldn’st setup camp in/around the Kennedy School this summer. Will keep you posted, but these markets will be on Friday & Sunday each week! Hope it works out!


Lots of exclamation points, I know, but things are rocking.