Packing Past Dusk

I haven’st packed a single Quinn Popcorn box in weeks. We have hired a small army of packers to assemble, case, and palletize our popcorn. I think they packed around 2,000 boxes today! Lucky for me, I was able to join in on the fun from 6pm-8pm.

We all share the same small concrete floor warehouse, but during the past few weeks, I have hardly picked my head up. I have either had my nose in the books, in email, or on a phone call. I have been trying to figure out distribution in unknown territories, making sure we have an awesome events list for the summer, getting accounting up and running with a new service, and doing some R&D with ingredients. It’ss been all business and no real play for a good while. I go to work, and I run myself into the ground until I come home, where I continue to run myself into the ground. The trade-off, we are building on the awesome momentum we have been so lucky to have right out of the gate. Unfortunately, this means that there is little time for experimentation with flavors, or packing boxes (my favorite pastime)!

So tonight we realized we had committed to orders that we didn’st have time to box, and this meant some folks had to stay later to pack. Currently we have packers from 10am-6pm, but at times, we still need more hours. I quickly jumped at the opportunity to stay late tonight. C.V. put in his usual overtime, and his wife, Alex, jumped in too and joined us after work. We were able to finish the pallet, with time to spare to drink a beer and be home at 9:15pm. I call these nights mini vacations. They are extremely rare, and nothing is required from me other than to put the boxes together. It’ss like cooking, but since I never have time to cook anymore, it’ss the next best thing.

With Batch 3 up and running, Batch 4 ready for production, and Batch 5 hopefully soon after. Quinn Popcorn is ready to rock and roll. I have to constantly remind myself to pick my head up when I get too focused. Being too focused is not a good thing. Sure, I miss packing. It’ss so straightforward and at the end of the day you have big piles of tangible progress! In the end, it’ss even more important to maintain a good perspective on where we are going and how we are getting there. I know it’ss all too easy to subtly slide down the wrong path if I don’st pick my head up and look around every once in a while.



Side Note: Abes will up and running on Friday, hopefully, Amazon this coming Monday, and have a few e-commerce websites running shortly.