Just Cheese Please

Quinn’ss favorite food right now is cheese.  In the morning, “cheese pwease”, afternoon, “moe cheese”, evening, “cheese!”


I don’st necessarily want to give him cheese at every meal, but it’ss looking that way. Mozzarella string cheese has been my go to, and those baby bells wrapped in red wax.  (I now find them stuck to the floor or the wall…)  Kids and adults love cheese, the Quinn team loves cheese, so you probably guessed it…. we are trying to create another cheese flavor! One out of many flavors we are trying out!


We started R&D (I just recently learned this term!) a few weeks ago, and it’ss going pretty well thus far. When we were trying to find guaranteed rBGH free cheese for our Parmesan & Rosemary flavor (In Search of Parmesan Cheese) it was beyond impossible, and had me calling Canada, Scotland, and Italy. On top of that, it was extremely hard to find a cheese powder that was purely cheese; meaning, milk, enzymes, and salt.  Our aged Parmesan cheese didn’st require the disodium phosphate that is normally needed to help break down/dissolve the cheese into a slurry, (they do this using a steam kettle, heat, and water.) It also didn’st need the silica necessary to ensure that the slurry doesn’st clump together when drying. That’ss mostly due to the properties of Parmesan cheese. We got lucky with that one, and we ended up with a powder that is JUST cheese.


It’ss not that easy this time. My first mission has been to source certified organic cheese from a supplier that is also Non-Gmo Project verified as well. Thankfully, after calling, and harassing multiple dairy farmers, I found one that is willing to work with us. It also happens to be the #1 farm I wanted to work with starting out, so I am super excited. The have been sending our dryer cheese samples, and our dryer has been diligently testing the samples using very little to no silica and very little disodium phosphate. These ingredients are not necessarily bad for you. Actually, they are in practically everything.  If it’ss not food, and it’ss not really necessary, then why does it have to be there? Basically, this is why Quinn Popcorn came to be!


Before we began this endeavor, I spoke to two other dryers in the US. They both told me that what I am trying to do just isn’st done. They said it wasn’st possible, and couldn’st understand why I would even try. In all honestly, I really don’st know how this will turn out. The cheddar failed our first attempt, but another cheese worked. If we can make this happen it will be the first time this has ever been done. We (QP + our wonderful dairy farmer + our coragious dryer) will have made the purest cheese powder available. It will truly be a first!

P.S. The other cheese needs to remain a mystery for now. I am hoping it will be our next flavor, and I don’st want to spoil the surprise.