With A Little Help From Our Friends

Launching Quinn Popcorn has been a ride. One minute we are hanging on a shooting star, and the next second we get blasted off. Both the constant highs and the severe reality checks keep us grounded, but what keeps us going are the customer emails and comments we have received along the way.


We know that with some microwaves popping Quinn Popcorn can be a little finicky. Since we have taken out all the chemicals, PFOAs, PFCs, plastics, and the susceptor, our bag works differently. We knowingly made these trade-offs. We believe it’ss worth it. The constant question running through our minds is, “do you think it’ss worth it?”


It turns out that you do! Of course, we do get that occasional email saying that a bag didn’st pop well, a customer burnt their popcorn, or the lemon & sea salt didn’st coat evenly… This is when Coulter and I just want to turn the lights off. It’ss the worst thing in the world to hear that a customer is disappointed. Thankfully these emails are rare. The flip side of this emotional low is the high we get from all the great feedback. These stories flick the switch, and keep the lights on.


We thought we would share a select few below:


 Finally got to try your product and love it! Just wanted to share with you that I read about you on Daily Candy and was intrigued… bought the popcorn for both myself and my friend Theresa Quinn, but the only problem was I didn’st own a microwave. So I bought the smallest one I could find online… all so I could taste Quinn popcorn! I wasn’st disappointed, think my favorite flavor is the Lemon- Sea Salt. I’sm also happy to have discovered Abe’ss Market as a result of all this. Thanks for a great product and best of luck to you.


I loved the whole concept and story so it was a no brainer to try this on one of my trips to Whole Foods.
I’sve been making special trips now for my popcorn fix.  My girlfriend in FL is having a special b’sday and I couldn’st decide what to get her.  Being a popcorn affecianado that she is I had to buy her some for her box of fun I created.  I knew she would love it too, but since she lives at the beach in a remote place in Florida, I now have to send her fix every month.  Look what you have created!!!  Love the stuff…keep on making it!


Let me start off by saying that I seldom write reviews for products, even if I think they’sre terrific…Not so with Quinn Popcorn. I was one of the lucky group that happened upon their Kickstarter campaign and I couldn’st be happier about it. We received our mixed case about two weeks ago and every time we want a snack we have to weigh the desire for an amazingly tasty treat with our limited supply. Is it really a “popcorn worthy” movie/episode/? Now that it will be available through amazon we will no longer be forced to resort to less tasty or more processed options. I think you probably get the idea by now that we are fans.


Hello, it’ss me again. So I went out and bought a new microwave. Yes, I bought a new one just for Quinn Pop­corn, and it worked won­der­fully…Serisouly impressed by all the effort, care and ded­i­ca­tion that wen’st into mak­ing the pop­corn. I also really enjoyed your con­stant blog­ging. It made me feel like part of the team. Best of luck to you as you con­tinue to grow your company!!


Thanks to everyone for the encouragement along the way. It’ss good to know that we have friends in this.