Tiny Hands, Tiny Fruits

Staying on top of Quinn Popcorn has been making it almost impossible to find time to prepare a wholesome meal. I have given up on myself.  It’ss frozen pizza, and oatmeal, and I told Coulter to fend for himself. Colby, if he is lucky, gets Quinn’ss scraps from the floor. Quinn is the only one who eats well in our household, but preparing bite sized food for little people is a luxury that I have a hard time keeping up with.

Once Quinn goes to sleep, I pour myself a glass of water, which should be wine, and I start chopping. Fruit, veggies, chicken, bread, you name it. Chopping has become an art form, a skill that I now have. There are times when I love to spend hours slicing, dicing, cutting etc, but most often I would rather just go to sleep. So to make my life a little easier I started scanning  the grocery isles for snacks. The hard part here is that I have issues giving Quinn anything but real food. For example, it took me months to buy teething biscuits because most of them contained monocalcium phosphate. Not that it’ss dangeours, I just didn’st want him eating them.

Long story short, I have an addiction to food labels. I read everything, and besides bread, pasta, and actual fruit and veggies, I have a hard time finding a snack for Quinn. I do have select go to foods that have helped me in tricky situations, i.e when I forget to pack a snack, lunch, or worse, when I come home to an empty fridge. Annie’ss Mac & Cheese has been a life saver in the lunch and dinner department. Single pack Whole Foods oatmeal has saved breakfast, but I had always come up short with snacks… and then I spied Little Duck Organics.  It’ss just fruit, organic freeze dried tiny fruit.  It’ss light enough to throw into any purse or diaper bag, and its pure enough to feel good about putting into tiny hands.

It’ss a grab and go kind of snack, one I trust in terms of a product and the folks behind it, and  most of all, I am thankful that someone took time to chop little pieces of fruit so I don’st have to 😉