A New Year Ahead

Coulter and I rang in the new year watching Harry Pottery- Deathly Hallows.  We started Star Wars, but the DVD skipped to a halt due to our dog Colby’ss customary mail slot attack. A few hours later we dropped right after the ball did. The night was a very calm end to an incredibly eventful year. Yes, we had popcorn. 

This past year has been quite an adventure.  I wish it wasn’st so, but most of it was a total blur.


 January 2011- July 2011

 New baby, sleep deprived, and we started a business from scratch in an industry that we had no experience in. It didn’st make sense. We didn’st tell anyone because we knew we were still vulnerable to being talked out of it. It was definitely terrifying, but mostly in a fun way.


August 2011

Just before our first batch arrived we put our video up on Kickstarter and 755 backers helped us raise $28k!  Good thing it worked because we had bills that we couldn’st pay.

A short wile later we were selected among the top ten to fly out to Boulder, CO to make our pitch during The COMMON Pitch event.


September 2011

Quinn Popcorn hits the shelves!  Fresh Pond & Hingham Whole Foods bring us in!

I remember walking into our first demo. We knew we would get a pretty clear indication of the viability of the whole thing that day. At that point it was certainly possible that the idea we thought was awesome just didn’st make sense to anyone else. Thankfully we sold a ton of popcorn that day. Exhale…

Coulter and I have our first meeting with Whole Foods folks at the North Atlantic regional corporate offices.  Somewhere midway, I realized where I was. 😉

Total shock,  we win the DailyCandy’ss Start Small Go Big contest in the food category! You guys (yes you) are awesome and the only reason we pulled it off. We were way behind and it didn’st look good. Somehow everyone made in credible final push and we made it.


October 2011

Daily Candy event in NYC. Check into the hotel, and see The New York Times. Open the dinning section and there we are!

Coulter and I forget how powerful The NYTs is….the full pallet we just sent to Amazon was listed as “out of stock” 2 days later.


November 2011 

The rest of our popcorn gets sent to our stores, and we are officially out of stock.

Whole Living comes out with an article, but we don’st have any popcorn to sell! Frustrating, but these things are a consequence of moving very fast.

We get approved for the Whole Foods Local Producer Loan, and are able to pay our vendors the other 50% we owe them for our materials and ingredients.


December 2011

We hire two employees. Yay is an understatement. They are awesome.

We move into our new warehouse.

DEAN & DELUCA places a very large order.

Batch 3 comes in a little late, but better late than never!

AbesMarket.com puts Quinn Popcorn up on their site, and we drop ship through the holidays NON-STOP.

Food & Wine magazine lists QP in their editiorial picks section!

We finally get caught up and are back on Amazon, back in Whole Foods and now in the entire North Atlantic region. (Northern CT, to Portland Maine.)


The best part of 2011 are the friends we have made, and those that have supported us in this crazy, terrifying, roller coaster adventure.  We have a long way to go, but we are incredibly lucky to have such a good start. Thank you for everything, and cheers to a healthy, happy, and very adventurous 2012!