A Little More DailyCandy Recap

Coulter and I just received some of the photos and video taken during the DailyCandy Start Small Go Big event back in October. Wow, October. That feels like a billion years ago.

This is when The New York Times article came out while we were in the city, when I was working on Batch 2 night and day, and when Coulter was pretty much living in Minneapolis for the entire month. We were 100% maxed out, and 100% super excited by all of the moving parts. The trip to NYC was a huge bonus, and we are so thankful that DailyCandy was able to put us in touch with folks such as Gail Simmons, Sara BlakelyEllen Diamant , the co-founder of SkipHop, Marcus Samuelsson, and the entire DailyCandy crew.




The video was taken at the end of the night during the DailyCandy evening event.  Coulter did a great job. I couldn’st hear myself think or talk apparently because I am 10 notches above the appropiate speaking level.  Thank goodness, they cut it off. 😉


Hope you guys enjoy!