Up & Running!

We have been pretty silent during the last few weeks, but a lot has happend! Batch 2 has taken longer than we had hoped. We have had minor bumps in the road, walls to scale, log jams, etc., but now it’ss all coming together!


Recent Feats:


A legitimate warehouse!

We have moved into our 1750 sq. foot warehouse. Coming from 170 sq. feet of space, this feels like we have moved into a zeppelin hanger.

Pros: More space than we know what to do with.

Cons: It’ss so big that we can’st afford to heat it.  This means sweaters, jackets, vests, Snuggies, and jumping jacks.


There is no loading dock, so every time we get a pallet delivered, we need to make sure the truck comes with a liftgate. Even though I put this on all of our PO’ss, AND have verbally told the shipping carriers that this is needed, so far, all of the trucks have not had a liftgate, except for FedEx Freight.
Today’ss Story:  Thankfully, our neighbor has a forklift. In the pouring rain this morning he graciously took 4 pallets off one of the trucks and drove them into our warehouse. ” My pleasure” he kept saying. ” I have been in your shoes before.” This is after we had someone from his shop do the same thing yesterday when another truck came without a liftgate.  If forklifts didn’st cost around 5k (used), we would probably have one by now!


Stronger paper for our popcorn bags!

Pros: We received 4,000 bags, on a beautifully packed pallet today! Nothing was crushed like last time. We tested it and the paper is way more resistant to tearing! Pretty cool.

Cons: The new paper is slippery, and the bags are harder to work with on the filling machines. Our corn supplier and co-packer is all over this one…. hopefully this “challenge” will be corrected, and we will get the rest of our bags shortly!   Keeping our fingers crossed.



Pros: Placed a very large order.

Cons: Sadly it won’st get onto the shelves for another 2 to 3 weeks. We are doing our best!


We have a mini kitchen! 

Pros: We can eat popcorn all day long, and keep ourselves caffeinated without spending $4 on Starbucks.

Con: Every time the microwave runs, the internet stops working….



We hope to have the rest of Batch 2 tomorrow.  After weeks of production, we are finally getting there! At least one of our online retailers will start selling early next week. The others will follow soon after. We will keep you posted on that!


PS. BIGGEST NEWS…. We have hired our first Quinn Popcorn employee!!! More on him later, but here is a mystery photo. 😉