Portland or Bust

Quinn Popcorn’ss reach is slowly growing, and connecting with our consumers is getting more interesting (and challenging). We spent this past Sunday demoing in the Portland Maine Whole Foods. The drive there was about as long as the visit, but it was well worth it for several reasons. The above photo was from a ridiculously good coffee and doughnut shop we found along the way. More on that later.

First, we love Portland. We stop off here often on our way up to the middle of Maine.  It’ss a young and vibrant town with a pervasive and infectious optimism. Tons of restaurants and bars. Honestly, it’ss just a great vibe and it’ss basically surrounded by ocean. The people we met during our demo reflected this vibe.
The Whole Foods demo coordinator (the employee who manages all vendor demos, and someone you always want to on good terms with) was way more involved than usual. Nancy stopped by a few minutes after we had set up and looked carefully at our table, paused with her finger on her lower lip, and said, “Can I give you a few suggestions?”. She noted the parts of our setup that were confusing, and helped us move things around until it made sense, and then darted off. She returned with fresh rosemary, a block a Parmesan, lemons, and maple syrup, exclaiming, “People eat with their eyes.” She is right. Having the whole ingredients on the table helped to set a flavor expectation and it communicated the pureness of the ingredients. Think about what ingredients one would display if demoing regular microwave popcorn…
Over the next few hours we handed out tons of popcorn and met a lot of great people. Oh, and we also sold a lot of boxes!
About that doughnut… We stopped at St. Joe’ss Coffee in York Maine. It was an in the moment iPhone/Google Maps find. It turned out to be pretty awesome. They serve beignets which is hard to find up here. The doughnuts were made fresh throughout the day, and the flavors were really unexpected. The one in the photo was a mocha. The place was tiny and it was packed. We didn’st want to leave.

St. Joes Coffee 1