Live on Chronicle

Okay, so it wasn’st live, but there were no retakes so it might as well have been. About a week ago the film team from the Boston area TV show Chronicle stopped by and filmed at our warehouse. It was mostly unexpected as we hadn’st really reached out to them. They heard about us through word of mouth and thought QP would fit a show they were doing on Boston area food companies. So awesome. (Yes, that’ss and enormous shark in our warehouse. Thats for another post…)


It’ss impossible to overstate the importance of good PR for a company like ours. If we were simply a box on the shelf we wouldn’st be around for long. Ideally, all one needs to do is make a good product, and then sit back and wait for sales to build as the word spreads. That doesn’st happen. Never. There are lot of channels/methods for raising awareness, telling your story, and peaking interest. Some are better than others.


I continue to believe that traditional advertising isn’st a very effective method. First, it almost never works on me. Sure there are some subliminal effects that I’sm not aware of, but then there are also brands I specifically avoid due to their advertising methods and/or message. Second, no one want’ss to hear you talk about how great you are. It’ss meaningless. Of course you think your great. What’ss really meaningful is when someone else says your great. Consumers have grown so weary of the rampant dishonestly that is advertising that they actively seek out unbiased opinions.


One example, and then I will end this thought. Our article in the New York Times was so important for us because it was written by Florence Fabricant. Readers have a history with Florence. They know that she knows food and that her reviews are honest, and thus not always positive. Her approval isn’st easy to win over, but our popcorn did it. That’ss what made our little blurb on page D3 worth more than a full page ad.


This is probably clear by now by my marketing plan is to get others to tell our story and to share their thoughts on our popcorn. We will keep sending out tons of samples and hopefully everyone continues to like it enough to talk about it. There is a decent chance that you found this site and are reading this post because you saw Quinn Popcorn in this month’ss issue of Food and Wine. We sent them samples a while back and had several conversations with them. They ALL tried our popcorn, and it only made it in because they loved it. I want more of that!


Our episode of Chronicle will air sometime in mid January. We will probably only be featured for a minute or so, but it’ss still exciting. I will forewarn you that Kristy and I need to work on getting comfortable behind a camera. We were more than a little awkward, but hopefully they do some really good editing! It has to be better than this:


[vimeo clip_id=”26359522″ width=”600″ height=”340″]