Lemon Rework

About 6 weeks ago, smack in the middle of trying to get Batch 2 underway at our co-packing facility, I wanted to pull our Lemon flavor. Yes, you read that correctly. All lemon lover QP fans would have been extremely disappointed.


 It has nothing to do with not liking the flavor,  I have been eating it non-stop for weeks, I just know it can be better, and I want to improve it.  I know that our lemon flavor is not perfect, I know it’ss often tricky to evenly coat all of the kernels, and that some bites are at times pretty sour due to the concentration of the lemon powder. This said, I just wanted some time to tweak the flavor, to experiment with different lemon suppliers.The problem was that we were out of stock, and I was out of time. The bigger issue was that I didn’st have an alternate lemon supplier. I had one.


During the final days of wrapping up Batch 2, I was contacting every freeze & spray dryer in the world.   Most laughed at what I was trying to do. “You wan’st powdered whole lemon, without maltodextrin?” One of the companies I contacted told me that their “pure” lemon juice powder was composed of 40% lemon and 60% maltodextrin!  I don’st have anything against maltodextrin,  I just don’st want it in QP. For the most part, if you are using a corn starch as a base, then this corn starch is probably derived of GMO corn.  This goes against what we are trying to do.


So after calling, emailing, i.e. border line harassing, and asking a slew of massively ignorant, lack of food industry knowledge, type questions, my contacts started to lead me to other companies, and I finally had a potential supplier!



I spent a good part of the day yesterday testing with the sample that I have received, and mailing kits to my lemon loving friends.  So far the feedback has been exactly what I wanted to hear.  I can’st say anything yet, but I promise you this, If you are addicted to Batch 2, you are going to LOVE batch 3.