Red Rooster Harlem

If you live in NYC the Red Rooster is a hopscotch game away in Harlem. We visited the restaurant and met with the owner during our DailyCandy Start Small Go Big event. It’ss a pretty neat place and here is why…

Located in Harlem, it’ss a restaurant worth traveling to.  On first glance it reminded me of a 1940’ss diner, with a southern “French” twist. It might be the chalk boards, or the cursive writing… maybe the black and white colored floors, the bentwood chairs, but I loved the clean yet country look.  Okay, I am not doing a good job at describing it, but it’ss southern style cooking, with a dash of farm to table american cuisine, in Harlem. Come on…. really? Awesome. Not to mention they had the most amazing wooden shelving on one side of the restaurant.  Fresh flowers in vases, old boxing gloves, vintage american photos, a pair of run down converse sneakers… and some fun old school knickknacks. I wanted to go shopping.
You need a pretty incredible menu to back up an ambiance like this, and they hit it out of the ball park. For instance, they have Corn Bread listed on their menu with honey, which is a given, but it comes with tomato jam! How do you even make that? They also have Fried Chicken Caesar Salad, and Pumpkin & Turnip Soup!!


That’ss just for lunch, and those were just starters; it gets better! For dinner you can grab a Blackened Cat Fish & Black Eyed Peas with a Lemon & Dill Slaw and FRIED Pickles! You can end it with Sweet Potato Donoughts, covered with cinnaomon and sugar.  I just ate leftover mac & cheese that I accidentally left in the cupboard instead of the refrigerator. It had only been a few hours so it was still edible…I think. Needless to say, I am salivating.


After all of this, the funny part is that I have never actually eaten at the  Red Rooster. I will hopefully one day soon, but Coulter and I were able to do the second best thing. During our DailyCandy, Start Small, Go Big trip to the city, we had the opportunity to sit down and ask Marcus Samuelsson, celebrity chef and owner of the resturant, some fun questions. “Any popcorn flavor ideas? How do you source your ingredients? How do you come up with your flavors? How do you keep up with it all? How do you have time to sleep? How do you keep riding the wave?”


I think the plaid might have something to do with it. Hopefully we are wearing enough of it!