That’ss our new warehouse. It’ss 1700 sq ft of empty right now. Ostensibly it looks like no more than big slab of concrete with fluorescent lights hovering overhead. It’ss actually much more than that.


Kristy had been excited to take me to the new warehouse for weeks. I was away so much that it took until last weekend for us to get over there. I was amazed. It’ss perfect. It’ss more than big enough for now, it’ss easy to get to, it’ss surrounded by trees, our landlord rocks, and it has every feature we need (a wash basin, heat, and a bathroom).


It’ss the bigger space that has both of us so excited. Our last warehouse was actually just a corner of larger space. At 400 sq ft it was just barely enough (actually far too little) space to pack boxes in. Each time we packed boxes we would unpack from our corner and borrow some space from our neighbors. When we were all set for the day we had to Tetris it all back into our allotted cube. We always try to stay positive but that sucked. Because we were compressed into a corner, the space was unusable for anything other than packing boxes. Like a goldfish in a bowl we didn’st really sense that this was limiting our growth. We never even thought about using the space in other ways.


Seeing the larger space for the first time unfolded another level of potential. I know it’ss not huge, but we can do lot in this space! We can pack boxes Henry Ford style. We can work together with our interns and employees. We can make the space ours. We can build our own community here.


I’sm pumped and can’st wait to start making it our own. We are all ears if you have any ideas on how to make this empty canvas feel like Quinn Popcorn. So far we bought a bunch of 70’ss era elementary school chairs on Craig’ss List. More photos to come!