See that up there, that’ss our second batch getting underway. Or at least that’ss my slightly abstract interpretation that allows me to smile at the concrete truth of a credit card that is overdrawn by $9k.


I have said this here before, but it’ss worth saying again, and again. Getting a product off the ground, especially a consumer packaged goods product, is expensive. Since we are pretty good at bootstrapping, most of the cost is in producing our popcorn. If we included the time that we have invested at minimum wage, however, it would add about a billion dollars.


About that massively overdrawn card, I’sm not worried. It’ss just part of the process. Sure it’ss terrifying, but if you spend enough time on a tightrope you just get comfortable. It also helps that we are just about to finish up raising enough cash to get us through the next few months. It’ss all from close friends and family. They all see what we see in the future. Looking forward to having them ride along.