Interviewing In Pajamas

About two weeks ago I made a desperate plee for help on our local T.V station, NECN.   “Please, we need interns!”  We do, we need help, and the following week while I was interviewing them, I clearly backed that statement up.


A graduate student from Bentley College happen to see my cry for help.  I was meeting with her at Starbucks, just 2 minutes down the road from me, and I was about 15 minutes late.  Glasses covered in yogurt from Quinn’ss breakfast, ripped jeans because when I threw them on that morning I missed and my foot went all of the way through the weak part in the knee, a 18 yr old red Patagonia fleece, and tattered flannel underneath…same one I slept in, and had been wearing for 2 days straight!


Half way through, when going over marketing and sales goals, it had occured to me that  I had been speaking to this perfectly groomed graduate student I had just hired for the summer’ss internship position. She was perfectly dressed in ironed black pants, a pressed shirt, blow dried and WASHED hair, and a string of pearls.  I on the other hand, looked straight out of Fraggel Rock.  I obviously needed help, and I am just relieved that I didn’st send her running the opposite direction!


She starts in June, and I hired two other folks to help me with demos, customer service, and sales.  Interviewed them in my red fleece as well, but washed, and in hole-less jeans. 😉


P.S. I just looked down and realized I am wearing that jacket right now. Wow.