Crane Beach

I spent the better half of last night looking up internal structures of companies whom Coulter and I both admire.  We are about to get very busy, and I am nervous that  if we don’st have some sort of guidelines/ownership in place, things will get too crazy, and we will loose control.


So, after identifying roles I crowned myself CEO of Quinn Popcorn. 😉 Coulter, CFO, and Quinn COO.  Coulter doesn’st know this yet, because he has been away all week, and will be reading this for the first time.


All joking aside, Coulter and I have very distinct duties right now, and we need to make sure that it stays that way or we will be juggling too many things at once.  He is in complete charge of our business strategy, projected financial/ sales goals, branding, blog, and numerous other tasks.  I am doing everything else, meaning supply chain, production, operations, sales, distribution, packaging… The list goes on and on, but we are managing, for now.


Full disclaimer, and I have said this a bunch, I am a total control freak, and need to be in everything at all times.  I am also aware that I need to curb this. I have been drafting up a document and listing what we each should own; so we don’st step on each other’ss toes, and don’st pick up certain tasks at the same time.  Sounds simple, right?  Wrong. Coulter is still working full time and my to- do- list is out of control.  Meaning, I put my hands in the pot, and instead of grabbing one task at a time, I find myself covered in blood sucking leeches.


The hope is that one day soon we will have an employee that will help us with every day operations, but for a little longer, we need to keep our heads above water, and keep swimming against the tide.


PS. Any of you have fun titles that could potentionally replace the standard CEO, CFO, COO ones that currently exist, let us know! =]