Calm Before The Storm

We have a few weeks until our next batch comes in. There is a ton of prep involved, but thankfully, I have been calling our suppliers daily, and everything is in order…right now. It couldn’st come soon enough as we have almost no popcorn left and in a week, some shelves will go bare.

Running out of popcorn so quickly would feel great if it wasn’st bad for everyone else.  Grocers don’st want empty shelves. Making room for a new product is a big deal, and when you can’st deliver you are really letting them down. Likewise, not restocking Amazon means we can’st reach new customers and return customers are anxious or worse, have moved on.

A lot of what we do has a sequence. We can’st jump ahead. I need to contact my friends over at the board of health so they can come take a look at our new space and approve/certify it.  They can’st do this until we have tables setup, and most of our gear in place. We can’st really get setup until we can actually purchase all of the material. We do, however, have our hand washing station installed thanks to our awesome new landlord.


Our ingredients and materials have shipped, our co-packers are waiting to form and fill, and our paper is on its way to our bag manufacture. Things are nicely moving along,  but I know that these days are numbered. In a few weeks, when the 15+ loaded pallets arrive, we will be in full swing, we will have little time to enjoy the falling leaves.


This is the calm before the storm.


P.S. We are offering up a complimentary day of backbreaking work to anyone who wants to help. Activities include hours of repetitive motions and lots of hot glue burns. Hair nets included. Kidding aside, we will be packing tons of boxes and friends are welcome! It’ss going to be a marathon.