Quinn Popcorn + Liz Chatfield PR

When we first started Quinn Popcorn our parents were our biggest fans. It’ss easy to watch your children take on a promising career / paying job, but I am sure its a bit hard watching them jump off the deep end; first born, dog, mortgage, car payments, school loans, etc in tow. It would have been easy for them to say, “your on your own, good luck”. We are lucky it didn’st go that way. (The photo is of our spot in the New York Times.)


My mom grabbed hold of the PR reins and hasn’st stopped since. She has balanced taking care of her mother AND emailing, calling, and targeting our key media outlets, including Florence Fabricant over at The New York Times. The funny part: when the fact checker from the NY Times called me to double check facts before the article went to print, she told me that our PR agent’ss phone was off the hook, and she couldn’st get a hold of her. I realized that after a brief tangent about “Liz’ss” phone being outdated and sometimes unreliable, it sounded strange, so I ended up telling her that “Liz” was my mom.


I blew our cover. At first, we both tried to hied the fact that she was my mom. I didn’st want it to sound too “mom and pop”, but after months, I have finally realized that it doesn’st matter. It’ss actually is pretty cool. Having our mom do PR for us, working with my husband, and having a friends and family become our biggest advocates – we couldn’st ask for more than that. It shows us that not only are we taking a leap of faith, they are with us!


SO, if you are reading this, and need to get hold of our PR rep, OR if you are already in touch with Chatfield PR, its not just Chatfield PR you are dealing with, It’ss Quinn Popcorn/Chatfield PR = Kristy’ss mom.



PS. My mom refused to have her photo up on cyber space, so the NYT article will have to suffice!