Here We Go Again-Batch 2

Four months after going to production with Batch 1 we have pulled the trigger and mustered up the strength to jump in again. This time with greater ease than last time.


Coulter and I have been anxiously watching as our inventory quickly depletes. Yesterday, C.V, a friend of ours, and I packed up our last Quinn Popcorn boxes. We have about 1,000 boxes left… but were able to forecast that this would happen.  For the past two weeks I have been on the phone from sun up to sun down trying to get our second run going. It’ss been a bit challenging, but I knew this going in.


The first run we did was absolute chaos for many reasons. We ran out of money, we ran into production schedule glitches, we ran into sleep deprivation/ new business, ” Oh my god, are we really doing this” panic attacks. This time around, we still face these challenges, but we were able to prepare. We are handling each fire with a simple toss of baking power, however, I have the extinguisher strapped to my back at all times.

This is my favorite part of Quinn Popcorn, and also when I become a total control freak. Coulter is luckily traveling this week. I am left to write purchase orders, negotiate with my vendors, grill my suppliers, once again, and double check everything to make sure I didn’st forget to order something important, like oil. The fun part is when I realize that all of it’ss coming together nicely, and I can breath a sigh of relief. Although, I will still hold my breath until I have all pallets in our new space. (Nov 18th!)


Tomorrow I knock a few more items off the list:


Sign off on box proofs.

Sign off on oil and spice pouch proofs.
Make sure our grapeseed oil has arrived and ships out on Monday.
Make sure our sea salt arrives to our artisan salt maker and that he has enough Meyer lemons to get this going!
Order 6 packs from our package supplier.
Sign lease papers to our new warehouse.
Up our liability insurance policy.
Try not to burn Quinn’ss oatmeal while trying to fix shipping issues with Canadian customs.