Happy Baby = Happy Quinn

I purchased HappyPuffs a few weeks ago and after opening the container something seemed a little off. Long story short, I got a dud container. Every time I feed Quinn the puffs I end up eating about as many as he does, and this time they were not quite as good. (I know I sound crazy, but I swear it was true!) I emailed them that day.


I have a habit of doing this.  This past winter I noticed that Sprout baby food was looking really shabby in one of the stores I was in. So shabby that I didn’st want to feed them to Quinn. So I bought other food pouches from a different company!  I emailed them to let them know, but didn’st get a response back.To be clear: I don’st email these companies for free product. I know plenty of folks who would do that. (Not mentioning any names here…)   I do this because I care about these companies and the product they are putting out. I would hope someone would do the same for Quinn Popcorn if they opened a package and the bag had ripped, or if they saw displayed in a really bag way. It’ss my job to do this, to be on the look out for them. Okay, it’ss not my job, but for obvious reasons I have been looking closely at every product lately. It’ss kinda fun to be the “crime watch” in each grocery store I go in to. You should try it sometime. 😉


After I emailed Happy Baby they contacted me an hour later! They put me in touch with their quality control manager, and sent me a shipping label so they could take a look. I threw it in the mail, and off we went. A week later they sent me 6 containers of HappyPuffs, an email stating what it could have been, and a list of precautionary measures they were taking to fix the “problem”.  Issue resolved. Happy customer, happy Quinn, Happy Baby.


I wrote them a follow up email and we started talking about Quinn Popcorn. I sent them a 3pk, as it was the least I could do to show my thanks.  They sent me a HUGE care package!  HappyMunchies, which I can’st afford to buy often… HappyMelts, which I also can’st really afford…. and HappyPouches…. etc etc. On top of that they sent me a Happy Baby t-shirt, and the Dr. Sears & Happy Baby Book!!! I kinda jumped up and down on this one. If you have a new baby, and have no idea what you are doing… aka. me, this is a great go to for answers to all of those unknown questions about EVERYTHING baby related!


Thought I would share the fun bits of the food industry and a company worth following, worth supporting! They value customers! A perfect role model for us.