Don’st Fall Off!

This is exactly how I feel right now. I am trying to hold on…grasping to stay on this ride… “steady.. steady, you can do this!”   Although, I think this cowboy just one upped me on this one. He is so darn graceful! (We took this shot in Montana at a July 4th Rodeo. Such good times!)


Today got a little complicated, but in a very, very good way. I am trying to schedule demos at 2 Whole Foods this coming weekend. Trying to make sure we have packaged enough boxes to bring to our demos just in case we run out.  I am also trying to figure out the drop dead date our suppliers need to have our tweaks to the bag, pouches, and boxes. Since I am pretty much useless when it comes to this, Coulter is taking the reins on this one.  Once we figure that out, we order ingredients, ship them to our co-packers, and get the show on the road. Sounds easy… and it could be worse, but there are other parts to this equation.


We need to find a larger space to work out of, this means I have about 30 days to find it, 15 days to move in and get certified, and another 5 days to get our boxes packaged.  If you know of space in the Boston area, between 500sq feet -1000sq feet, please let me know! Looking for this space is not easy. We will need a 3 basin sink, a hand washing station, and it needs to be inspector friendly.  We would 100% be willing to share a space with someone else, but that’ss tricky to find as well.


On top of QP, there are other schedules I need to figure out. Babysitting schedules!  I thankfully just found a weekend babysitter for Quinn. As much as I HATE to miss these days with him, it’ss a price that we knew we were going to pay if we got this off the ground. It’ss bitter sweet.  Luckily, our babysitter happens to be a fantastic new friend who needs to pick up extra hours.  So, I can’st complain because when I am demoing all weekend, I know he will be taken care of.


So all in all I am holding on as best as I can, trying to maintain composure like the cowboy in the photo above. I definitley have my frazzled days, but thankfully, this week has been pretty good.