Amazon Is A Go

We have been working on this for a while and written several posts about it and now our popcorn is finally available on Amazon. Well, most of it is. The variety pack sold out in two days, and due to a glitch the lemon will be available on Monday. Go take a look here!


Running out of the variety packs so quickly is not something we saw coming. It one of those things that’ss great and terrible at the same time. There was a ton available, but the back orders knocked half of it out right away. I didn’st even know you could back order on Amazon? We apologize to anyone who was hoping to grab a mixed case, but we are working with another online retailer to have more available soon! In the meantime the single flavor packs are still available.


So, this is a little milestone for us. This was part of our plan for a long time. We theorized that selling through Amazon would help us get our popcorn out there without killing us managing shipping. It seemed clever but a long way off. Like a lot of things happening in the last few weeks, it’ss a realization of a little idea. It feels good!


Amazon is, by the way, proving to do what was promised. The system is very rigid is hard to work with, but they take less from each transaction than a grocery store while allowing us to be mostly hands off. For a company in our position, managing the shipping of individual packages is not an option. It’ss just very complex and time consuming. The Kickstarter shipping took roughly 5 years off Kristy’ss life.