A Snippet From Today’ss List

If you have noticed, I tend to write updates when I am so overloaded I don’st know what to tackle next. Therefore, check out the totally insane to do list below!

  • Find a new space to work out of larger than 200sq.  This is going to be harder than I thought. We need a space that meets the board of health requirements among other things…
  • Hire intern(s) in the Boston area who want to work in exchange for class credit.  I think this could be really interesting…but I have a feeling I am going to have to jump through fire to make this happen.
  • Figure out our demo schedule on the weekends. Then figure out our babysitting schedule.
  • Gear up for our next product run. We only have 2,000 boxes left…. it’ss awesome that it’ss selling, but we don’st want to run out!
  • Order more ingredients, more materials, more of everything! Before we do this, we have to make tweaks to the packaging based on all of your feedback. Kentuckey will get it’ss proper name back, the instructions will be slightly rearranged, and…lots of little things.
  • Beg our co-packers to put us on the production schedule before January 1st.  Actually, before December 1st!  Have already emailed them, and then I need to call them, then I email them, then I call them, then I plead with them.
  • Beg our suppliers to see if we can pay them net 30 this time, and not 50% upfront  and then 50% when shipped. Kickstarter backers saved us with this one… but we can’st do that again, so we need our suppliers to put some trust in us!
  • Finalize our business plan, find money, press the green button on our production run.  Business plan is almost done, finding money might be tricky. Pressing the green button will be easy, and then I will become a complete nut case until product is shipped.
We have a month to do this and this is just a tiny piece of the puzzle!