Morning Show Debut

We were so cool and collected up until we stepped onto the set. This was another one of those terrifying-but-feels-great-when-it’ss-over things. Actually, Steve was so welcoming, and that made it easy.


We walked out onto the stage as the meteorologist (Danielle) was giving the weather rundown in front of the green screen. It must take time to get good at that. We froze as we didn’st want to make noise on the set. Steve waved us over and we tiptoed to the couch and within seconds we were live. I remember Kristy locking up a little on the first question, but we loosened up after that.


I kept looking at the cameras because they are on these robotic carts and are controlled from the production room. So, essentially it was the three of us in an empty studio with four robots that were all shuffling around the floor while maintaining a one eyed stare. I’sm a geek so I got a kick out of that.


After it was over we talked with a few members of the show and staff while eating popcorn. It was so cool to see them really dig in. We had popped three bags, and it was all gone before we headed out the door!


I havent watched the video yet. Actually, I watched the first 30 seconds with the sound off. That’ss enough for now. It’ss like hearing your own voice but far worse. I will watch the whole thing in a few months… If you guys are curious you can watch here.