Demo Rhythm

We have only demoed Quinn Popcorn twice at Whole Foods, but the experience so far has been pretty awesome.  Surpassing our wildest expectations and leaving us hoping that it will continue!


We demoed Quinn Popcorn for 3 hours in Hingham a week ago, and it went really well! We sold around 60 boxes in 3 hours. We demoed this past Saturday in Cambridge at the Fresh Pond Whole Foods, and within 4 hours we had sold over a hundred boxes of Quinn Popcorn – stripping the shelve!  We really didn’st know what “good” was for demo, but I asked a few folks in the food industry, and they were really surprised. The Whole Foods buyers were also really excited. That is pretty cool!


We didn’st really know how to interpret our sales, but it would be impossible to miss the message from customers. It’ss starting to seem like we really struck a nerve. They come in skeptical, but after a taste and talking to us they just get it. We had a few people just stare in seeming awe. They eventually explained they had been waiting for this; they had been waiting for someone to make a microwave popcorn without all the crap in it. We exclaimed that we were waiting too!


Demoing is pretty exhausting, but pumping on both adrenalin and the fact that we need to spread the word, we charge ahead!


A typical demo goes like this:


Schedule a date and time with the demo specialist.

Show up 30 minutes before scheduled time to setup.

Sign-in upon arrival. Meet with demo specialist. Find out the location of our demo.

Be nice, but try to get the specialist to allow you to move a better spot.

Unload microwave, table, and all of the supplies from our car.

Make sure everything works properly!

Throwing gloves on, aprons on, and we are off!


The first time we did this we had left without eating breakfast/ water/coffee etc.  You can’st demo without caloric intake… or at least I can’st.  I ended up in the bathroom stall at Whole Foods chowing down a Vermont Beef/Pork jerky strip and a LaraBar in about 30 seconds.  I had no choice, I needed fuel, I had 5 seconds to do it, and no place to eat it. It worked.


I will be at Fresh Pond Whole Foods this Tuesday demoing QP from 4pm-7pm.  They have local vendor night, and Coulter will be working, so it’ss most likely just going to be me. I am a tad bit scared about this, but hopefully I will make it work!


Stay tuned!