Kick-Off Your Weekend With Kickstarter Projects

It’ss Friday tomorrow, with a LONG working weekend ahead of us!  So I am taking a break right now, browsing through some really cool/fun Kickstarter projects.

Below are a few favorites.


One Day on Earth

Watch this video and try not to pledge. It’ss basically impossible. Beautiful.

 Kickstarter project here. 

Zach Williams

I met Zach Williams while we were in Florida. I worked with this wife at a clothing shop.  I am still in shock that I found his project while clicking through the music section. One of the nicest and most talented guys I have ever met.


 Kickstarter project here. 

Website here. 


Natayl Dawn

I grew up listening to Billie Holiday, and absolutely adore her.  When I found Natayl Dawn on Kickstarter, I instantly fell in love with her video, and her personality.  She made her project goal in 3 days!! She has 1,146 likes on her Kickstarter page. WTF! Awesome.


Kickstarter Project Here.  

Listen to  ‘sœI’sll be seeing you’s  here.  (Both Billie Holiday & Jimmy Durante covered this song.)



Glory To Rome

I have never played this game before, Glory To Rome, but I am a sucker for games and cool illustrations, so this project got my attention.   Plus, their studio is located in Cambridge, MA.


Kickstart Project Here.



10,000 Licks

Once upon a time I wanted to start a popsicle food truck.  (don’st take my idea’s¦;)  So when I stumbled upon 10,000 Licks, and looked at their flavors, I kinda freaked!  Sweet corn, blackberry yogurt, or lavender lemonade!?  Please, how do I order these online?


Kickstarter Project here

Blog Here


Mallow Munchies

Who doesn’st love rice krispy treats? I for one love them, but can’st  figure out how to make good ones. Homemade marshmallow with Belgium chocolate?! Yes please!


Kickstarter Project Here

Website Here.


Kickstarer continues to kickass for us.  We have this very ambitious goal that we will cross 25k in 5 days.  We continue to be  stunned and shocked by the tremendous support!!


Enjoy your weekends!