We Found Our Space

Coulter and I have had this detailed vision of where we would put Quinn Popcorn together; of what the first space would be like.


This idealistic image has been engraved in our minds since day one. This  building has tall ceilings, huge floor space, and located close to our home and and our distribution/shipping partner. We imagined working along side other startups, small businesses, food companies, and the like. This would be a place where we can find the inspiration, support, and encouragement that we need in order to get this to this next step.


We knew that reality wouldn’st line up to this vision…but today, it did! We signed a short term lease in the same building that houses Taza Chocolate. Taza actually started out in the space that we are renting. It’ss a very small portion of it, but perfect for us right now.


So, not only will we be working in the same building as Taza, but it will also smell like chocolate 24/7 because we are also sharing a space that houses another chocolate company.  (This chocolate is fine European chocolate where Taza Chocolate is the traditional Mexican chocolate.) Funny thing here is that Coulter and I are freaks about chocolate, oh and cheese, and there is a cheese company above us! WHAT!?


Alex, gave Coulter and I a tour of his chocolate factory when we went to check out the space and sign the papers.  I highly recommend this by the way, It’ss fascinating.  We even sampled a piece of vanilla chocolate right off the assembly line. It doesn’st get much better than that.




Thanks to our new friends over at Taza, we setup shop on the 8th and we will start packing boxes shortly after that. Our new space is just shy of 200 square feet, but it feels perfect right now. Very excited!