Still Packin’s

We have been a little quite on the blog front for a few days. Essentially, if you don’st see a post for a day or two it means we are really slammed. This time it was the packing. Last week we had four people packing boxes. This week it’ss only two and that slows things down a lot.

We have about 2,500 boxes packed and that’ss enough for us to take a break from packing for a few days. Starting next week our popcorn should start to get out on the shelves of a few local Whole Foods and other markets. This is really the point we have been working toward. We have received so much positive feedback, but there is simply no way to predict how it will land. So, um, cross your fingers for us.


Starting to sell also means that we need to start to demo. Demo is an industry term for setting up shop in a store, handing out samples, and talking to people about your product. When I saw these little tables in a store I used nab a snack and dart off. Now I hound the person. I am so disappointed when it isn’st the founder and I don’st get to talk shop. We will post the locations and places once that is figured out and hopefully some of you can come out and say hello.

Last but not least, give us another vote on Daily Candy. It’ss actually a pretty sweet deal if we can pull off the win. I know it’ss a pain to keep voting…Thank You!