Pallets of Popcorn

We received our first big shipment a few days ago. All throughout the last year we have eagerly met the UPS/USPS guy at the door. Usually we were getting a new ingredient, or maybe a package sample. This is different. This shipment is 12,000 filled Pure-Pop bags. That’ss two pallets worth. It all weighs more than a ton!



A few weeks ago we received a few samples of our bag. That was a milestone but the question remained if this bag we invented could be filled. It turns out it can but not without a few hiccups. The paper we use can tear and it took some tweaking of the process to get the bag to fill and fold without tearing. It was touch and go for a while there, but now the bag are here. They look great, pop perfectly, and are a little bigger to allow for better shaking. Our suppliers kick ass.


So, with almost 2,500 pounds of popcorn bags here I am starting to get a grasp of the scale of this thing. From the perspective of a national food company, our first run is TINY. Like, in the noise, blip on the radar, found in the couch crack tiny. From my perspective, however, it’ss huge. We need to pack every one of these into boxes along with the flavor pouches. That sounds simple but it’ss a 10 step process. Oh, and we will need to write about 700 thank you notes for Kickstarter. It would all be overwhelming if it wasn’st so exciting.