In Search of Space

The next big step for us is packing up the boxes. We are doing it ourselves which will be a huge challenge but a larger issue is looming… We don’st have a space to do it in. (The photo is of a beautiful old building in Boston’ss South End. No, we are not packing there. I wish. Recognize it from our Kickstarter video?)

Today I met with Boston Baking Company. They are located in Hyde Park, MA about half way between our office, home attic, and our shipping warehouse. They have a huge facility, and will hopefully let us package in some of their space. I am crossing my fingers that it will work. It’ss a family owned and operated company and I have a really good feeling about them. Arthur, the manager, gave me a tour of their facility. It was my first tour of a food company, and I LOVED every minute of it; even the hair net and the full-on red jumpsuit I had to wear. The coolest part, when we entered, I immediately had to wash my hands, and since I just completed and passed my ServeSafe course, I knew what to do! Wash hands for 10 to 15 seconds, dry, and then sanitize! 😉
Taza Chocolate is another local food company that might have some space for us. Their produce an amazing line of bean-to-bar Mexican chocolates. I will definitely post about the chocolate sometime soon!
I am also looking at a few warehouses in the area. I spoke to one agent today who said that they might be willing to sign a short term lease with us since no one is in the space. It’ss tough though, finding a clean warehouse, with a loading dock, in a secure location. Short term leases are also hard to find, but I will just keep my fingers crossed on this one. My hope is that we can room with another food company. I think we could learn a ton just by observing and being close enough to ask a question in person.
Regardless, this has been really fun so far. A change of scenery and I actually get to meet people face to face now! It’ss all kind of hitting me.
PS. Our popcorn arrives tomorrow! For some reason it was heading to PA instead of MA!