Vote for us on Daily Candy

So, exciting news!  We have been nominated as one of the top three finalist in the food & beverage category in Daily Candy’ss “Start Small GO BIG” contest!
I am normally not competitive at all… seriously, I usually could care less, but this is different!  Let the games begin!! We are up against some pretty cool food & beverage start-ups.  One of them is from Boston Bully Boy Distillers. (Their packaging is pretty kick-ass. Take a look.) The other one is from Denver Tifamade. (She delivers organic sandwiches on a pink bicycle.)
The only thing I have ever won was a coloring contest at Friendly’ss in 3rd grade. I won a stuffed animal and got my picture on the wall.  I am pretty sure every kid who submitted a coloring design won the same thing. This contest is different. We have the opportunity to receive mentorship, introductions to folks in the industry, and much needed guidance to starting your business! This one means something.  Not that the Friendly’ss contest didn’st, but I think this one is the one worth competing for!
If you would like to vote for us, please do so! We need your votes for the next 22 days!  If you would like, you can setup a friendly outlook reminder in your calendar, or on your iphone, or on your smart phone, or in your actual daily planner. 😉  (I threw bashful out the window this morning.)
Click HERE to VOTE.  
Per usual, we greatly appreciate all the Quinn Popcorn support you guys have shown during the last few months- during our Kickstarter campaign, and now through our Daily Candy contest!