Where Do You Want To See Quinn Popcorn?


Trying to get Quinn Popcorn into stores and onto shelves goes something like this:


Call a store, get the name and info of the grocery buyer. Email the buyer, or if I am lucky, I actually get to speak to that person on the phone!  Give them my 30 second pitch. This is the tricky part.  I find that when I start off by saying, “It’ss microwave popcorn”, I loose their attention immediately! This is when I say, ” I know what you are thinking, but Quinn Popcorn is different.”  Then rapid fire…….. I spurt out, “It’ss non-GMO, organic corn kernels, pure ingredients, expeller pressed & healthy oils, AND our Pure Pop Bag, stripped of everything but paper.”  I usually get their attention with this, but sometimes I don’st… and that’ss when I result to, “I will send you an email with all of our info, and samples when we get them in, thanks for your time!”  I am actually better at this than I am making it sound. They want to see that I care about what we are making. That always comes across.

Actually, I have had some pretty amazing and lengthy conversations with buyers. I have also fought through a few to make sure they understand our product; it’ss reason for existing. All in all the response has been incredible.

So, the main point of this post, ” Where do you want to see Quinn Popcorn?” It’ss impossible for us to know all of the markets where it would fit and your help finding them is greatly appreciated. Any and all ideas welcome! Just post in the comments at the bottom of this page!

Please let us know! So we can get Quinn Popcorn at a store near you! Thanks guys!